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EMPOWER at-risk youth to dream beyond their circumstances and excel despite their disadvantages



Deliver Hope is a central Arkansas-based, non-profit organization with a passion to help teens see themselves the way God sees them.

Emotional and relational chaos, dangerous choices and emptiness are plaguing the lives of at-risk youth in our communities. Through relentless pursuit, we exist to empower those young people to dream beyond their circumstances and excel despite their disadvantages.









Bridging the Gap




Micah Ribbing


“I began mentoring a teen mom through Deliver Hope in 2016 before I truly knew the impact the organization was making. I just knew that it sounded fun and I thought it would be neat to spend time with a young mom and her child while encouraging her through motherhood. Of course, I hoped that I would say something occasionally that would help her along her journey.  Little did I know that this experience would not only change her life, but also the trajectory of my family for the better.


While spending time with this young mother, I quickly realized that our future is not defined by our circumstances and sometimes we simply need to be reminded
of that. The young people that Deliver Hope is so blessed to serve deserve to hear
that they matter, that they are worthy, and that they can achieve great things regardless of their past, and I am passionate about being a small part of that encouragement.”


During her time mentoring, Micah used her decade of nonprofit experience to
volunteer and fundraise for Deliver Hope. In 2017, she was asked to take a seat
on the Board of Directors, transitioned to the Director of Operations and
Development in 2019, and is now the Executive Director.  


Together, Micah and her husband, Jason, have three children; Prestyn, Avery,
and Olivia (Ollie). Between high school and travel baseball, competitive dance,
and Olivia's shenanigans, the Ribbing house thrives on staying busy. 



Kayla Plante

Kayla first started at Deliver Hope in 2016 as the office admin....otherwise known as the "office-catch-all". Initially, she did not have working with teenagers on her mind, but
as she slowly started volunteering additional time in programming she fell in love with serving hurting young people. Like most staff at Deliver Hope, she is involved in whatever needs to happen whether that's case management, forming program curriculum, jail visits, or training interns. 

In her spare time she is an outdoor enthusiast (minus the mosquitos), trying to cook
new vegetarian recipes (the ones she doesn't accidentally burn), she is an avid reader (true crime & historical narratives in case you were wondering), and keeping all of Conway's local coffeeshops in business with frequent visits. She has been married to Hunter Plante, USA's 2020 Dad-Joke Teller of the Year, since 2018 and they have 2
lovely dogs together (named: Ugly & Tiny).

"There's no greater satisfaction to me than seeing a young person start to believe, sometimes for the 1st time, the mantra we recite every week...that they matter, that
they have a purpose, and that they are not alone. Every day, at Deliver Hope we get
to instill that type of HOPE. I can't imagine loving a job more."



Laura Carter

Laura joined Deliver Hope as a volunteer in 2015. She started out meeting with the girls in jail and soon fell in love with the heart of Deliver Hope and the students it serves.
Laura graduated from UCA in 2017 (Go Bears) and joined Deliver Hope full-time. For many years, if you would have asked Laura her job title she would have just told you,
“I handle all things girls.” That role has changed over the years, but she still enjoys encouraging hurting teens in jail, learning beside teenage mothers, and losing
basketball games each week during group mentoring. 

If you know Laura at all, you have probably seen her shed a tear (or 10). She feels ALL feelings strong and is passionate about her job. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her sweet husband Aaron and trying to keep up with their wild 3-year-old Krew.

“The students we serve are worth every minute we get to spend with them. They are resilient, tender-hearted, and witty. Although they can sometimes make poor choices,
I believe that they deserve the opportunity to put their guards down and be a kid.” 



Mae Wilson

Mae joined Deliver Hope in 2022. She just happened to stumble across the job-listing, but she believes the Lord had everything to do with her coming on staff. Mae is a UCA Psychology graduate and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Counseling at John Brown University. Mae’s gentle and nurturing personality is a perfect addition to the team and is a great contrast to a lot of the student’s hectic home lives. Mae embodies Deliver Hope’s core values, and always strives to make it better, be gospel-driven, and focus on empowerment. 


Although she is not a Conway native (rather from the swamps of Louisiana), she loves the mountains, the people, and the local coffee shops here in Conway. In her free time, you’ll find Mae playing racquetball, walking, watercolor painting, skateboarding (if she’s feeling brave), and being a light to the people around her. 


“I believe every human being just wants to be seen and known. I know that I may not be able to fully understand what these kids are dealing with, but I seek to make them feel seen and known as I am by the Lord- not for my glory but for His.”

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