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Holes in the Darkness

One of my favorite stories is about a young boy looking out of his window at night and seeing a man lighting the lamp posts on the street. When his mom came in to tuck him in bed, she asked what he was doing. To which he responded, "I'm watching that man punch holes in the darkness."


Our Juvenile Jail Ministry looks quite a bit different since the Corona/COVID Crisis began. We have not been allowed to visit incarnated youth in several months but that doesn't stop us from "showing up" in other ways.

In addition to providing each student with Teen Life Application Bibles and personal essentials for the ones who do not have them, our staff has stayed in contact with each youth by writing letters back in forth.

One student wrote, "Thank you for caring about me, there's really no one that cares right now." But what this young man doesn't realize is that there are a whole host of people who care about him.

People like you.

Your generosity and partnership allows us to continue to deliver hope to kids in dark places.

I heard a quote years ago that impacted me deeply: "You can't blame the dark for being dark. But you CAN blame the light for not shining in dark places."

Deliver Hope is committed to "punching holes in the darkness" by empowering at-risk youth to dream beyond their circumstances and excel despite their disadvantages.

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