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Next Step? "Break the cycle of pain and addiction"

smiling teen girl

Jessica's* childhood had been full of heartbreak, marred with the evils of drug and alcohol addiction. In a desperate situation, she ran away and ended up a high school dropout, on juvenile probation, and homeless.

Finally, Jessica* decided to move back home and ended up using drugs herself to take her mind off her struggles. Through her recovery she joined our Sober Support class. Jessica* showed us a different side of herself - one with dreams and motivation and vision. She told us she wanted to become a lawyer and fight for people who can't fight for themselves. So we scheduled a college tour and took Jessica to the University of Central Arkansas. We introduced her to a Deliver Hope supporter who is a lawyer to help her lay out a path for law school.

Two months later she got accepted to UCA and she's scheduled to begin classes in the fall.

We're so proud of Jessica* and her opportunity to move forward, pursuing her God-given potential and breaking cycles of addiction in her family.

*Jessica is not the real name of the student in this story. We changed the name for confidentiality.

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