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A Season of Hope for Teen Moms

This semester in Her Hope has been a season of personal growth and reaching milestones for the young mothers. We have spent the last few months pouring into the moms that have continued to call Her Hope their family- with the addition of new, expecting mothers. We have had the privilege of watching these young women receive the resources and support they need as they achieve their goals and dreams.

Through our partnership with Faulkner County Juvenile Court we were able to meet and begin working with an expecting teenage mother about this time last fall. Kylie was on Juvenile Drug Court and had struggled with drugs and alcohol for quite some time. She was ordered to begin attending Her Hope. At first, Kylie was reluctant to dive in but slowly started to open up and join in on conversation. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in March and was matched with a mentor soon after. Throughout this semester, we have watched Kylie transform into a whole new person. She now carries herself in a way that shows she is proud of the woman and mother she has become. In October, we got to celebrate with Kylie as she graduated from the drug court program being 10 months sober!

Drug court graduation is just one of the many milestones we have been able to celebrate with our mothers this semester. New jobs, healthy deliveries, GED graduations, continued college education, and nursing school graduations are a few more of the goals that have been reached this semester!

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