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Deliver Hope in Pulaski County

Since we began meeting with teens in the Pulaski County Detention Center on September 28, we have had the privilege to mentor 36 young men with our Justice Circles curriculum. Walking in to the jail each day can feel disheartening, seeing these kids behind bars with very little hope.

But it’s also encouraging to see their faces brighten upon our arrival, and though we know it helps them having someone pour into them, it also brightens our spirits being those people for them.


One young man currently serving time in jail, Jamal*, is in remission from kidney cancer. At just 15 years old, Jamal* has already overcome two major surgeries, beat cancer and lived a hard life all while his father has been in prison.

Now Jamal* has made a few poor choices and while serving time for those choices, we’ve been meeting with him and can see hope for his future! He wants to be a motivational speaker for kids just like him, to teach them hope and how to use the gifts God has given them to create a better path for their lives.

*not their real names


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