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What Darius really needed...

Darius* signed up for a mentor because he was drawn to the idea of having someone to help navigate his social landscape, but he didn’t have a father figure on whom to lean.

At our first meeting he was reserved and answered every question with a cursory response, sometimes one word, sometimes not at all. But as we continued to be there for him, some details became painfully clear.

Darius didn’t have running water at home.

That lack compounded quickly—he was being mocked and bullied at school because of his smell and for his clothes—and as his basic needs continued to go unmet, deeper needs for belonging and value were going unmet too.

One of Deliver Hope’s members was the same size as Darius and grabbed a few pieces out of his closet to give to Darius, just to give him a brief reprieve...

Do you really think we'd give up on you that easy?

It seemed like a small act at the time, but Darius beamed as he took the clothes. It was no small act for him. He could finally go to school with confidence. Staff have been working with his family to improve his home life, but outside support has been invaluable in the meantime.

Your gifts - no matter how small - can make the world of difference. Never underestimate the value of small acts of giving!

*not his real name


Thank you to all of our supporters- Your gifts help us offer resources and hope to kids this Christmas!


Shout out to our partner, Whitney D. Photography!

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