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We won't give up on you.

Do you really think we'd give up on you that easy?

Maggie* was full of promise in high school. She was very smart and had incredible grades. Everything was looking up in her world.

Then she met Amber.*

Amber introduced her to drugs and, through drugs, to addiction. Her trip ended on the wrong side of a probation officer’s desk, with a baby on the way. That’s when Maggie was connected with volunteers at Her Hope, and her rock bottom turned into a launchpad.

When DHS came to remove Maggie’s baby, a Deliver Hope board member didn’t stop her pursuit—she became Maggie’s mentor, took custody of the child, and has been working with Maggie to make healthy life choices that will benefit both her and her baby.

Maggie, now clean, has earned her GED, is working two jobs, and regularly volunteers in our offices.

She sees her baby every day and is working to rebuild all the trust she lost during her addiction. We couldn’t be any prouder of her than we are today.

*not her real name


Relentlessness awakens HOPE

in the young people we serve.


Showing up consistently has the power to build trust and to develop transformational relationships.


We are so excited to welcome our new Director of Operations, Ashley Love, to the team.

Ashley has extensive knowledge and experience in operational development and organization, and her gifts will continue to make a significant impact in the youth culture in Conway.

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