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Mentoring Matters

Shaena* had just been given probation for fighting at school and was on the cusp of dropping out entirely. Her attitude had become such an issue that many of her teachers were at their wits’ end.

Through all this, she was active on social media, posting dance videos that were not appropriate for a girl her age.

Through Deliver Hope’s mentoring program, she got connected with someone who saw potential in those videos, not condemnation.

The two of them began taking ballet and hip hop dance classes together, locally, working on channeling the energy Shaena was already putting into dance down more productive avenues.

“At first I didn’t care about my life. I wanted to die. But my mentor showed me how valuable my life was.”

Shaena is now thinking of opening her own dance company.

This is the power of just one caring adult.

*not her real name

“A premise of restorative justice is that juveniles rehabilitate best when they have an avenue to “make it right” and even more importantly, that they be restored to the community. Kids who feel that they belong in a community—and to the people of that community—are much less likely to offend against THEIR community. Investing in OUR kids pays dividends for ALL of us. We at Juvenile Court are very pleased with the way that Deliver Hope is effecting this kind of real change in court-involved youth.”

Faye Shepherd 20th Judicial District

Juvenile Court Chief of Staff


Thank you for partnering with us! If you know someone who is interested in becoming a mentor, please encourage them to get involved!

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