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August Updates from Deliver Hope

On July 12th, our mentees experienced a memory they won’t soon forget. For most of them, it was their first time to go to a baseball game. For each of them, they spent the evening with a caring mentor in a supportive community, feeling blessed and having fun!

Thank you for sacrificing to make moments like this possible!


Nothing replaces the real world experience of having a job, earning money, and paying taxes. That is why we provide the incubator for success and failure. Our youth not only learn the value of labor, but also help manage this unique and growing business.

On average, it takes at-risk youth 18 months to work 60 consecutive, scheduled days without incident. That means at least every month or two, they are skipping work, showing up late, getting high, or otherwise compromising their employment. At the DH Work Crew, we use these failures as teaching moments to guide and love our kids to success. After 60 consecutive scheduled days of work without incident, we’ll offer them a promotion within the Work Crew, or give a recommendation to any employer of their choice.


A loss in the family

On July 17, 2017 Monte Lee Jones went to be with his Savior.

Monte was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and lived his life joyously with the message of God’s grace and love as the center of his focus. He did this by serving with his whole heart as our Director of Operations at Deliver Hope.

Monte was head over heels in love with his beautiful wife and two children. His incredible love for his family was obvious to everyone who knew him.

His compassion for the youth of our community was unmatched. We will miss his boisterous laugh and the blessing he poured into the lives of everyone he met.

While our community is still feeling the tragic loss of Monte Jones, God is NOT done working in the lives of our youth. Thank you for your prayers during this time of transition for our team.

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