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Hope for Homeless Teens

“There’s someone sleeping behind Walgreens… I

think he’s just a kid.”

Sure enough, the caller was right. We bought a bucket of chicken and sat beside this young man as he ate and told us his story. 18 years old and sick of being tossed from home to home, he emancipated himself from foster care. But now he had nowhere to stay and no one to call. So we started asking,

​​“What would it look like for the Church to lean into this?”

After all, if God is Father to the fatherless, how can we who are called to be imitators of Him be anything less?

Unfortunately, turning eighteen does not make every young person magically ready to plunge into adulthood.

With little or no support or guidance, 1 in 5 of these teens end up homeless and hopeless.

This is where the Hope House comes in.

We opened our first Hope House in December 2016.

Since then, we have placed 3 Residents, and through the generous response in our community, we have 2 new homes ready to open! The Hope House program provides homeless, transition-aged youth (18-21) with stable housing for up to 12 months. Residents share the home with a transitional coach, building meaningful relationships while working toward success in their goals.

Preparing teens to become adults


We praise God for His faithfulness to the fatherless! Thank you for participating in this awesome work! Here's how you can continue to be involved in the Hope House Program:

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