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GLENHAVEN Ministries


Taking the vision of Glenhaven Ranch into the neighborhood for maximum Gospel impact.

This is a continuation of an amazing journey. Glenhaven's legacy doesn't stop here. The beautiful thing is that this story is not about us -- it's not even about the young people we serve.

Ultimately it's about Jesus Christ. We follow his leading and move at the speed of His grace.

Hope & healing

for hurting

teens in



Daniel Tyler - Deliver Hope
NOte from Executive director

Daniel Tyler | Founder of Deliver Hope

"The hope and healing that Glenhaven and Deliver Hope provides is personal to me."

As you are well aware, Deliver Hope began a partnership with Glenhaven nearly two years ago. It was not long after the partnership began that both teams realized we’re better together than trying to do things separately. Through a ton of prayer, the Glenhaven board of directors approached me about Glenhaven Ministries merging with Deliver Hope -- to bridge the two ministries for larger impact. It is Matthew 28 in motion, to “GO and make disciples.”


We started asking the question, “What if we could take the vision and legacy of the Glenhaven Youth Ranch and put it in every neighborhood across the nation?”


Since we began working together, we’ve gone from impacting youth solely in Conway, Arkansas to expanding in Mobile, Alabama and now multiplying to Little Rock, Arkansas in September. This “coming together” is allowing us to take the vision of Glenhaven and multiply it in every city where God opens a door.


We’ve worked hard over the past year with the Glenhaven board and staff to ensure a smooth transition of ministry. We are committed to impacting more and more young people with the Gospel of Jesus.


On behalf of the teens we (you and me) love, thank you for your continued support of Glenhaven through Deliver Hope.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via phone or the contact form below.

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